News from the IGS

1 Apr 2021

Class 2 Chemistry

Why is an apple juicy? Why is an apple sour?
Class 2 were helped in seeking answers to these questions by Class 7 under the guidance of Dr. Kmiecik. They prepared various experiments for Class 2 as part of their own chemistry class. For the first time in the history of the school’s laboratory, Class 2 was familiarized with the rules in the laboratory. The Pirates first had to pound the apple pieces with a mortar to extract the apple juice. After the work was done, the pirates were able to see why the apple is juicy and sour with the help of Ph test strips and copper sulfate.
“I enjoyed the experiments. It was great to see how the apple juice suddenly turned red. The red color clearly showed that apples have acidity ”, Jade (Class 2) explained in conclusion.