News from the IGS

16 Jun 2023

Discoveries in the lab

The preschool children at the International German School HCMC embarked on an exciting adventure. They had the opportunity to visit the laboratory and be enchanted by the fascinating properties of dry ice.
The preschool group was warmly welcomed by Mr. Kehm, who shared his knowledge and passion with the young explorers. Arriving at the lab, they were greeted by a stunning demonstration involving dry ice – solid carbon dioxide that exists at extremely low temperatures.
Mr. Kehm explained to the preschoolers in simple terms how dry ice is made and what properties it has. He showed them how, when they touch warm surfaces, it immediately begins to steam and creates impressive wafts of fog. The little explorers’ eyes widened as they watched this seemingly magical process.
The children also had the opportunity to experiment with dry ice. Under Mr. Kehm’s watchful eye, they were able to place it in clear, warm water and observe how it turned into gas in a matter of seconds, and in a washing-up liquid solution, which led to the formation of volcano-like bubbles. The little explorers were amazed by the rapid changes and the effect that the dry ice had on their surroundings.
The visit to the laboratory was an unforgettable experience for the IGS preschool group. The young explorers’ enthusiasm and curiosity were piqued and they were encouraged to continue their own research journey.