News from the IGS

15 Dec 2022

Community Choir

The IGS Community Choir was started in order to provide more nuanced music for the IGS community in traditional celebrations and formal occasions. It has recently been working on Christmas music for the IGS community.
It consists of students mainly from Classes 5, 6 and 7, with a smattering of older students – hopefully we will have more after TET. It is also supported by a core of dedicated teachers who provide the knowledge and expertise to enable the choir to embark on more difficult pieces.
The choir works hard at singing music with at least two parts, but sometimes attempts four-part harmonies.
Our next endeavour will be to sing music or the end of year concert – and we will be singing music which will include Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie’s “We are the World”, Ronald Orzabal’s “Mad World”, Beethoven’s “An die Freude” and a host of others including two traditional African songs.
We are very lucky to have the violinist, Julian Nguyen, in our choir to provide essential support where it is needed.
We hope that more choristers will join us for the second half of the year to swell our numbers and give us greater vocal strength in the future.