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coffee with us todler IGS HCMC
23 Oct 2020

Coffee with us U6

Why do children play?
Which games encourage children to speak in particular?

These questions occupied the guests of the first “Coffee with us”, to which the team from the U6 area had been invited.
Many families take time to play board games together or look for specific opportunities to provide their children with a stimulating home environment. In conversation with the educators, the parents discovered how various areas of development, such as gross and fine motor skills or perception, could be promoted by playing games with them.
The little tour of discovery through the world of play opened up new perspectives for the parents. With the search books and the set table in the doll’s corner, the parents came up with their own ideas: Why not make an album with pictures of your own family, or use grandma’s old handbag to play with?
In the end, the parents realized that you don’t need expensive toys to give children the opportunity to speak and to support them in their development in a variety of ways