News from the IGS

25 Nov 2023

Class 9 field trip to German film festival

The link between cinema and language is inevitable, plays a significant role in shaping the cultural identity of a country. This was first hand experienced by some students of Class 9 during their excursion to the German Film Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, co-organised by the Goethe-Institut.
With the clear objective of intertwining German cinema and the beauty of the German language, our students delved into the captivating world of a selected German film. This insight not only offered cinematic delights but also facilitated an authentic encounter with the German language.
The return of Class 9 was marked by newfound knowledge about German cinema and language. We are confident that this excursion not only sparked an interest in German culture, but also bolstered enthusiasm for the German language. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved!