News from the IGS

20 Jan 2023

CAS Charity Project

Charity in times of Globalization
The non-profit association ACO Charity from Munich is committed to social projects in Asia, especially in Vietnam. Concerts, food stands and other events are planned in order to collect donations. These flow into a children’s center in South Vietnam or into a training program for young people in North Vietnam. The exchange in North Vietnam in particular can take place on an equal footing: the members of the association teach them English and receive Vietnamese lessons in return.
The Loc Nguyen, board member of ACO Charity, was at the IGS on Wednesday to give a talk to our IB students and our Class 10s. During this lecture and subsequent discussion, the students had the opportunity to think about a social project that they could do within the CAS module in the IB. :The Loc Nguyen was able to provide helpful tips.