News from the IGS

9 Oct 2021

Virtual Presentation Hour

On Friday, the students of Grade 4 invited Grade 1 to 3 to our first-ever virtual presentation hour. Everyone was very excited to see the other students and teachers again. Moderated by individual students of the Zebra Class, all classes presented something that they had already learned in the first few weeks.

Grade 4 initially took the children on an exciting journey through the solar system. Then Joris and Cici from class 2 presented the comics they had made in their German class.

It then went on to a piece of music which Ivy and Leonie, Grade 4, had composed in music lessons with  Mr Armes using an app.
Grade 1 then showed a warm up exercise to the letter learning and the other children afterwards had to find out which two letters the children had already learned.

Then the fun continued with sports with toilet paper, instructed by Khan Ngoc and Jade from Class 3.
At the end everyone danced together to the song “Best Day of My Life”.
It was all a lot of fun and we are looking forward to our next meeting.