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trainees IGS 2019
28 Feb 2019

Trainee Programme at IGS

As already announced in the last newsletter, we would like to introduce ourselves. Some of us have already finished the masters programme to becoming a teacher. The others are still studying at different universities in Germany

Our courses of studies are: Teaching, Social Work, Public Management and Child Education and Development.

At the IGS we are employed in the school, the U6 area and in the administration. Our tasks consist of supporting the organisation and execution of working groups, administrative tasks, but above all, the individual support of pupils.

.Kübra Sari, studying (B.A.) der Social Work, duration: 5 months

Maylin Nickl, studying (B.A.), Child Education and Development, duration: 4 weeks

Ha Mi Jeanette Luu, studying (B.A.), Child Education and Development , duration: 4 weeks

Lea Neth, studying (B.A.), Public Management, duration: 12 weeks

Sophie Anh Lê, teacher (M.A.) Secondary school, duration: 1 year

Benjamin Leupold, studying teacher (5-year course), Secondary school, duration: 7 weeks

Katharina Schulz, teacher (M.A.) Secondary school, duration: 7 weeks

Laila Wink, studying teacher(B.A.) bilingual Secondary school, duration: 9 weeks

Ramona Löppenberg, teacher (M.A.) Primary school, duration: 6 weeks

Working with your children in this stimulating learning environment is an enriching experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to gain experience at a recognized German school.