News from the IGS

29 Jun 2021

Thuringian Competence Tests

Every year, the pupils in grades 3, 6 and 8 take part in the Thuringian competence tests, a nation-wide comparison test in the subjects of German, Mathematics and English. The beginning of June was the third grade in German and Mathematics. Because of the online lessons, the children got the tasks digitally in their learning platform “Seesaw”, where they could work on them directly. The students have been familiar with these tests since the second grade, and  were able to cope with the tasks successfully.
While only the children in their mother tongue took part in the German tests for reading and listening, all pupils in class 3 took the Math test. Immediately after entering the individual results, the IGS received a comparison with the other schools in Thuringia. We are very pleased that the class average largely corresponds to the national average, and is even higher for some sub-competencies. This is an astonishing achievement, especially since all children have grown up in a multilingual environment. It has been shown that language-sensitive teaching can also achieve great success in mathematics.
Congratulations to the little Zebras!