News from the IGS

18 Jun 2022

Theater performance “Sterntaler”

During the year, Class 3 rehearsed its own program for the parents as part of their creative lesson. After weeks of preparation, the time finally came: their parents were able to return to the campus after a year and a half away, and take a look at their children’s learning environment.
The students performed the fairy tale “Der Sterntaler” and, with the support of Mr. Armes were also able to demonstrate their skills on the ukulele. After the performance, there was time to chat face to face in a relaxed atmosphere after a long time online.
“It was a lovingly designed evening. I am thrilled with the joy, expression and creativity with which the children implemented the program for us parents. Special thanks go to Ms. Schmidt and Mr. Armes who made this possible,” said a father from Class 3.