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preschool-is-back after covid-19
21 May 2020

The preschool started the week with a bang!

After many long weeks of no school, the preschoolers can finally play together, do handicrafts, discover their environments, and of course – continue with their preparation for their transition into the first grade. The teachers have developed a tailor-made preschool course that will help the children over the next few weeks to acquire the skills needed for the first grade. All the children were ecstatic on Monday, and happy to be back. The most exciting thing to do first was to use and share the toys. There was lively activity in all the rooms while each child rediscovered their favorite toys. We all discussed our experiences of the corona time-period at home, and the children shared their experiences at home and with their parents. We have had fun getting involved with arts and crafts activities – including creating a surprise for Father’s Day.
It was wonderful to see that the children didn’t forget the classroom rules and routines, which makes it easier to concentrate on the more exciting things.