News from the IGS

11 Sep 2021

The first week of igs_online

In the second igs_online week a lot was learned, thought and created! Mr. Vale takes pride in the progress made by the second graders. They are currently working on three-letter words in English and as the highlight of the week they have written their first complete sentence in the foreign language!
In Art class, the students have been on a treasure hunt this week, as announced in the stop motion video in last week’s newsletter. They convinced with some excellent collections of recycled material and lovingly decorated kunstboxes, and grade 4 wowed with their brilliant homemade colour wheels. Good job everyone – Mr. Wayman is looking forward to next week’s challenges.

Mr. Keller’s students from Class 5 are very happy to be able to study with old and new friends again. This year they gained three new classmates and are now learning the foundation for middle school in the Orientation Stage (class 5 and 6). The class teacher reports: “It is great to see the interest with which the students are following the design of their digital learning environment. The development of common class rules as well as the successful implementation of the first class council meeting testify to this.”
Above all, those who are new to the IGS side entrants programme the (Seiteneinsteigerprogramm) learn a great amount every day and have convinced teachers with their motivation in the lessons. Mr. Kehm comments on an A1 student from his class: “She is phenomenal at Maths and understands the tasks, even if they are constructed with complicated subordinate clauses!”
Mr. Armes is also happy with the progress of the first week: “It is wonderful to see at the end of our first full week that all students from Class 4 to Class 10 are actively using our new music software. ‘Soundtrap’ enables recording, editing, mixing and creating music tracks. We have also been learning the basics of music notation software/app  Quite a few students have already started to use it in their own time, just to see how it works! Most importantly, students have been enjoying working together in groups – regardless of which city or continent they happen to be in at the moment.”

Keep it up IGS!