News from the IGS

2 Apr 2021

The Easter bunny is coming!

With Easter around the corner, we took the Penguins back to the Preschool for some Easter crafting fun! Many of the children started reminiscing about the time they were in the Preschool – hello to Herr. Probst and our old friends!
Each penguin was buddied-up with a Preschooler, and helped their new friend with our crafting activity. The activity involved a bit of magic – something the children were sure they could do! Each child got a sketching piece of paper, and traced out the shape of a large Easter egg. After that, they used ‘magic’ (light) colour crayons to make their own Easter egg designs. Once their ‘invisible’ designs were drawn, they painted over them using watercolour paint – Ta Da! – Magic Easter eggs. Both the Class 1 and Preschool children had loads of fun and enjoyed this fun change. We hope that you all have a happy Easter.