News from the IGS

8 May 2021

‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’

(Meaning: Like father, like son)

On Tuesday, Class 1 received a visit from the Pirate Class. The Second Class had prepared eight stations on the theme of ‘The Apple’. Just like its shape, the mini presentations went well. For example, the Penguins learned what parts the apple is made of, how it tastes, and what enemies it has.
The Pirates led the Penguins through the stations with hand-made materials and real apples, so that the Penguins not only had something to look at, but also to taste. Hmmm, yummy!
With the help of Mr. Wayman, they built backdrops for an ‘apple sport game’. Many thanks for the support!
Jade from Class 2 said at the end: “I really enjoyed the presentation lesson. I was able to show what I already know and the Penguins were so interested. ”