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Schülerrat der IGS HCMC 2021
13 Jul 2021

Students’ Representative Council

SV is the German abbreviation for the term Student Council. The SV is made up of the class representatives from all classes. The class representatives are elected by the classes and represent the students. This means that the students pass on concerns, ideas and wishes to their class representatives. If the concerns, ideas and wishes do not only concern the students in that class, they are taken up and solutions pursued by the SV the class representatives.
In the SV there are meetings with the class representatives of all classes as well as with our SV spokespersons, Hannah and Katie, and of course our SV teachers Mr. Wayman and Mr. Reisdorf, in order to discuss the concerns of the students and to implement goals.
This year, three projects were particularly important to us: The Student Support Network which has been prepared to the point that it can be started in the next school year. Here students can turn to a group of selected teachers for assistance with personal and school questions. Another project concerned the school uniform. Ideas were collected for supplementing school clothes . Thirdly, in the cafeteria project, we were able to work with the caterer to implement suggestions regarding the food and the serving of food. It all sounds a bit complicated, but it does mean, for example, that we can eat tacos more often.
We have achieved a lot this school year. Especially when you consider that we had online classes for many weeks and couldn’t go to school. Classes and exams online have not always been easy.  Sometimes the internet fails for the students, sometimes the electricity for the teachers. Sometimes there is a lack of mutual laughter in class and sometimes it is difficult to stay focused if the teacher cannot see everything that’s happening in the class and you fear being admonished.
Nevertheless, we mastered this difficult situation together in this school year, learned a lot, had a lot of fun in between and especially in the last few weeks. We would like to thank you, the students who have stood by us with suggestions and support, the teachers who have always taught us new things, and all the others who are responsible for the success of our everyday school life. A special thanks goes to Mr Thormann: thank you very much.
We wish everyone an exciting and healthy summer vacation and of course that we can finally see each other for real again in the next school year.

Hannah, Katie and the SV team