News from the IGS

23 Apr 2022

Student Council Projects

The SV has 4 main projects this academic year. We’ve invited each team leader to give a short update on their progress:
‘The Mensa Team has been looking to improve student satisfaction with our school catering. We’ve set up a feedback system for each class and are working on satisfying every belly by the end of the year.’ – Minh, Class 10
‘Over the past weeks the Uniform Team have been planning a new dress code with class 10 & 11 for the upcoming IB cohort. We’ve also met with the school management team to give feedback on the current uniform.’ – Anna Class, 10
The Sports Team collected a few issues and suggestions. This has led to new equipment organised by Mr. Tietz. We’re hoping to expand the campus facilities to include a basketball hoop and gymnastics bars – once we find a suitable spot.- Kevin, Class 8
The Events Team is hoping to host an awareness week where we could raise money for local charities such as the Blue Dragon Children’s Charity and the Con Dao Turtle Reserve, perhaps with a waffle sale! – Hannah, Class 9