News from the IGS

26 Aug 2021

Start U6

With many “Hellos” on Thursday, the children of the U6 section were welcomed as the first students to start the new school year. Although the reunion could only take place on the screen, everyone was very happy to finally be able to laugh, sing and learn together again.
To get started, the U6 team came up with lots of exciting activities and interactive games, and the children also proudly presented their first SeeSaw homework, which the teachers had posted in advance. This means that even the little IGS’s have already become experienced SeeSaw and Zoom professionals, because both apps are accompanying the online learning time in the U6 section and help to take further big steps in language acquisition in German.
This year the children will be accompanied by Ms. Julia Nguyen, Ms. Lena Nolden, Ms. Michelle Heinl and Ms. Kathrin Lauw in the “Entdeckerhaus” (“Discoverers” – children from 18 months to 4) and Ms. Laura Birk, Ms. Christine Kiefer and Ms. Denise Schoechert in the “Forscherhaus” (“Explorers” – children from 4 to school-entry age).

We wish all children and their families a great start into the new school year!