News from the IGS

9 Oct 2021

Results of German Unity Day

This last week before the autumn break, the students of the IGS secondary level have been examining and exploring the significance of German reunification during their History classes. In this context they have been investigating to what extent the former division of Germany still influences the way people think today.

Grades 5-7 have increasingly occupied themselves with a creative approach to illustrate their results and thoughts. The students in years 8-10, on the other hand, have actually prepared scientific analyses in the fashion of professional historians in order to discuss their results afterwards.

Nevertheless, all classes have come to the conclusion that the younger generation in Germany thinks less and less in the categories West and East and is more likely to identify with a unified Germany. The overriding goal of this very specific thematic week was to raise awareness for important events in German history as well as for the importance of examining and contrasting divergent perspectives in History lessons.