News from the IGS

21 May 2021

Research Lessons – Colloquium

The research lesson (Forschungsstunde) is a preparatory course for learning academic writing which is integrated into the timetable and is intended to prepare ninth and tenth graders for the Extended Essay component of the IB Diploma Programme, as well as for the first research papers in their tertiary education.
This year, the students chose a topic from either the humanities or natural sciences and were provided with a teacher as a mentor.
The students’ first viva voce presentations on their research took place over the last two weeks. The viva voce is a scientific discussion among experts.
The first presentations consisted of an exciting mix of linguistic, biological, social, and technical topics, such as Vietnamese music, enzymes in fruit juices, sports programmes, and suffering in art.
In a 10-minute presentation, the students reported on the theoretical basics, their methodological approach and their results, to the examination members. Interesting and challenging discussions followed.
We are very excited about the upcoming viva voce next week.