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Forschungskolloquien at IGS HCMC
15 May 2020

Research colloquia

The research hours in grades 9 and 10 serve to learn scientific working methods in preparation for the IB diploma phase. They are firmly integrated into the timetable as weekly double lessons and were organized by Ms. Mai this school year. The aim of the research is to gain knowledge that arises from working on a specific question or an investigation. The students can choose the subject and their mentor. The topics come from the humanities, music/arts or natural sciences. All work includes an examination, the writing of the findings together with a practical part and a colloquium in which the learners have to present and defend their work. Mentor meetings were held regularly, at which the students informed their mentors about the current state of research and received feedback and support for the next steps. The pupils were competently accompanied by specialists from the respective specialist area throughout the year. After submitting the written work, the first colloquia on the research work took place this week. The colloquium lasts about 45 minutes and is a part of the examination performance, 30% of which is included in the overall grade.The first colloquia showed an exciting mix of linguistic, biological, social and technical topics. In a 10-minute presentation, the students report to the examination team, explain the methodological procedure and present the results. Afterwards, interesting, partly challenging discussions about the topic take place. We are really looking forward to the upcoming colloquia next week.

Forschungskolloquien at IGS HCMC Forschungskolloquien at IGS HCMC Forschungskolloquien at IGS HCMC Forschungskolloquien at IGS HCMC