News from the IGS

11 Jan 2020

Preparations for the TET festival

Klasse 4 and the AG ‘Eco Class’ are working hard on their paper-mache rodents for this years TET festival. With a bit of luck you should be able to spot a whole swarm of mice and rats as they chase watermelons and lucky money (created by AG group ’45’ ) in this years display. Good luck everyone!
Preparations for the Tet festival
Klasse 6 have been working hard on the development of the script for the TET play. This year the play portrays the story of Mai An Tiem, the foolish king, Vua Hung, and the first watermelons.
The scriptwriters are Ha Mi and Michelle.
Preparations for the Tet festival
Since TET is such a traditional time, the music is often the same as last year. This year we’re singing TET Que Em and Xuc Xac, Xuc Xe. We’re collaborating with the xylophone group on a secret Spring song and hoping for a lovely TET solo by one of our singers. Watch this space.