News from the IGS

23 Sep 2022

On the trail of mystery: What was school like 100 years ago?

Were there punishments and why were there punishments? How did the children get to school? Did the children have school materials? Were there school uniforms? What did classrooms look like in the past? Were they different in the past than they are today?
These were the questions the Class 4 children explored over the past few weeks. They researched and found many exciting, new and surprising answers. It quickly became clear to them: we want to tell the other children about our discoveries! So, Class 4 prepared a presentation lesson for all children of the elementary school of the IGS.
In their “history exhibition” on Thursday, the fourth graders presented their research results. They enabled the first, second and third graders to discover various secrets of the school of 100 years ago in a playful way. The children were able to explore the writing of yesteryear in a memory game, marvel at the punishments in still pictures, try out the school materials of yesteryear for themselves, retrace the children’s everyday school life in a picture story, and admire and compare the classrooms of yesteryear and today in shoeboxes. All the children were able to learn something new and had a lot of fun in the process.
That’s great! The “history exhibition” was a great success! Video clip