News from the IGS

1 Sep 2021

New School Year 2020/2021

We are happy about a good start into the new school year 2021/22. Grades 2-12 were able to start the first day of school online together and schoolchildren from across the continents of Asia and Europe dialed in to Zoom on time.
In the first three lessons, the classes met with their class leader and listened to the piano pieces composed by An and Khoi, both of class 10, which started the day on a festive note. The secondary school students then learned what their timetable looked like and who their subject teachers were for the year. Both the new teachers and the “old” had specially recorded video messages to introduce themselves to the student body.
In the elementary school, the introduction of the teachers by Koala Kurt, the new mascot of the 1st grade, was shown in a gorgeous video clip. After individual class activities for team building and target reflection, the classes started with their regular IGS_online schedule.
We are enthusiastic about the energy and motivation that the students showed in the first week and wish all members of the IGS school community a successful school year 2021/22.