News from the IGS

1 Oct 2021

New Developments in the U6 Section

The U6 Section was able to introduce some positive developments this week. We would like to give you a brief overview here:
The online lessons in the U6 Section got off to a very successful start and all children have been able to get involved in the support units and activities on offer in the past few weeks. It is a great pleasure to watch the development of the children, especially the children who have just joint the IGS.

The “visiting days” of the preschool children in the online lessons of the primary school were so exciting and interesting for the children that we plan to continue to visit them regularly. Last week, we were allowed to solve math problems together with the “Koalas” (class 1, Ms Bachler). With class 2, under the direction of Mr Tietz, the children did some sport and had a lot of fun.

As you probably know, teachers are allowed to re-enter the campus. This means that lessons for U6 children can take place online with additional learning materials. For example, this week we have been able to offer the Kid’s Lab again, which is very popular with our children. It started with the topic of “water”, where the children were able to find out, among other things, whether ink dissolves faster in hot or cold water and why this is the case.

English classes could also be resumed this week. We are very pleased that our new colleague, Ms Alexandra, has been supporting the U6 Section since this week during morning circles and learning units in English and she can draw on a lot of experience from her previous placements as an English teacher at international kindergartens in China and Vietnam.

There is also good news from the educator staff: after a waiting period, the three U6 teachers, Ms Kiefer, Ms Nolden and Ms Heinl, have been able to enter the country from Germany and have been involved in all day online lessons since then.

Another great asset is the increased use of the Seesaw app in the U6 Section. In addition to photos and information for the parents, the children are regularly given tasks to promote German language acquisition. This app allows children to easily do worksheets and exercises on the “letter of the day”, to deepen vocabulary knowledge or to understand numbers and quantities from home. Further, it is used for simplified and timely communication with parents.