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memorandum Goethe Universität IGS HCMC
5 Mar 2019

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


between Goethe University Frankfurt and International German School HCMC (IGS)
The purpose of the MOU is to intensify the cooperation between the two educational institutions in the area of ​​international teacher training.
Following a pre-selection by the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education,
IGS HCMC offers student teachers of Frankfurt University to participate in the trainee programme.
This way, the student teachers gather experience for a potential international career at a German school abroad at an early stage.
At the same time, a regular educational exchange between Frankfurt University and IGS HCMC will be established.
The MOU was signed in March 2019 by Prof. Elsner, Deputy Executive Director of the Academy for Teacher Training and Educational Research, Andreas Hänssig, Head of International Teacher Education and the Head of International German School HCMC (IGS), Dirk Thormann.