News from the IGS

3 Jul 2021

Last Day of School

Together with their classmates and class leaders, the students finished another successful school year at the IGS on Friday. The ceremony was introduced musically at a gathering in Zoom classrooms and this year began with a poignant self-written piano solo by An from class 9, followed by the solemn speech by the Headmaster, Mr. Thormann, which focused on the school’s achievements and thanks.
After an interlude of an impressive original composition by Khoi, also from class 9, individual students were honored for special achievements by school awards that were given by the school principal. This year these came from the following areas: Language Acquisition, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Music / Art, Social Commitment and outstanding academic achievements.
In an address, the student representatives also highlighted the increasing performance of the student council this year and thanked the teachers and the school management for their support. The class-internal certificates were then issued.
Finally, class activities were carried out that will be remembered! Many classes reflected on the school year and formulated goals for the future, e.g. through individual letters to the future self, which the students sealed in envelopes and will open at the end of the next school year.
The IGS wishes the school community a relaxing summer vacation and we look forward to seeing you again in the new school year. 

Speech of the Headmaster