News from the IGS

12 Nov 2022

Lantern Festival

The tenth of November burst over the International German School like an explosion of joy and colour. Children were running around in various costumes; lanterns were being handed out; the smell of frying bratwurst filled the nostrils of the hundreds of people thronging every possible open space on the rain-soaked campus of IGS.

The official programme began at 5:30 with songs, plays and poetry. The school band waited impatiently to set up for their amazing repertoire, both covers and original performances.
At 6:10 pm, the long lantern lauf began, ably assisted by Class 9 and 10 students who made very able stewards prodding and guiding students, parents and teachers to the two meeting spots at Riverside. There, students and parents loudly sang traditional lantern songs.
The walk back led people to a very relaxed evening where folks caught up and chatted amiably, accompanied by the IGS band. All in all, a good time was had by all.