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13 Apr 2019

InterTech: Do you – know – EdTech?

11.04.2019:  On Thursday, many parents and friends of the IGS visited the campus to get a glimpse of the educational technology used in IGS classrooms. The students themselves facilitated stations where they taught visitors of the InterTech event about green-screening, the use of the Adobe Creative Suite and about their community projects. But it was also hands on. Parents got to design their own video game character, acted as TV stars in the IGS newscast, tried out the smartboard, and learned vocabulary using Quizlet. Of course, there are many ways to integrate tech in the classroom. However, it is especially helpful for learning languages. With Quizlet IGS has found an engaging and effective way to keep track and learn vocabulary as well as content. Brian Caleda and Franziska Barnickel organised InterTech together with the students.

Schüler*innen erklären EdTech

Schüler erklären EdTech

Schüler*innen erklären EdTech