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Mathematik Auszeichnung
8 May 2021

IGS supports students with special potential

Vo Thanh Tien (Michael), a pupil from the 6th grade, has shown a special interest in mathematical facts from his earliest years at IGS. This interest has been encouraged further  in the context of the school’s differentiated teaching policy.
With his particular talent, he independently solves mathematical problems in class that are usually only dealt with in higher grades. Together with his math teacher, Dirk Kehm, Michael even designs learning tasks for his classmates.
In addition to his mathematical skills, he has also developed skills in fields such as changing perspectives and communication. A particular fascination of Michael’s seems to be the topic of “sequences and rows”, which he worked on during the TET vacation together with Mr. Reisdorf which he then discussed with the 11th grade students.
In addition, Michael regularly and successfully takes part in extra-curricular math competitions. Recently, he has been recognized for his performance in the American Mathematics Olympiad. The IGS congratulates Michael on this success and looks forward to his further development with confidence.