News from the IGS

15 May 2021

Studying in Germany -Meeting DAAD

On Friday, the students in Grades 9 to 11 received a virtual visit from Dr. Berndt Tilp, the Head of the DAAD Information Centre in Ho Chi Minh City and his colleague, Tran The Binh. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the direct contact in Vietnam for all questions related to studying in Germany.
In a 45-minute lecture, the students were able to gain an insight into the German Higher Education System, studying in Germany, and possible job and career opportunities in Germany. They then showed their great interest for a further period by asking far-reaching questions on the topics mentioned.
Questions raised by students could be clarified, e.g. whether it is better to study a certain course at the university or technical college, how much time is needed for procuring a student visa, and whether there are exchange programs with other European universities.
The exchange with the DAAD was a profitable opportunity for the older students of the IGS to find out about the educational opportunities available after the completion of the IB Diploma Phase.