News from the IGS

18 Sep 2020

field trip

As part of the research work  pupils in grades 9 and 10 chose a topic at the beginning of the school year 20/21, which we will deal with in depth this year and which we will conclude with a written elaboration and a colloquium. Against the background of my career aspiration as a “mechatronics engineer”, and in line with this year’s school motto “Future Cities”, I have chosen the topic of “Smart Home” for my research. To get started with the topicI visited the flagship store of a leading manufacturer together with my supervisor, Mr. Reisdorf. Here we were introduced to networked and remotely controllable devices as well as automatable processes. We tried them out, e.g. controlling the lighting system of the television or the ventilation system via the smartphone or looking into your own refrigerator remotely if the shopping list has been forgotten. I became aware of the advantages but also the challenges for the residents of smart homes. Inspired by these motivational experiences, I plan to equip a small model house with sensors and actuators, in the further course of my research, in order to increase the quality of life of its residents. 

I’m really looking forward to the first results.

Tobias (Grade 10)