News from the IGS

1 Jul 2022

Excursion to Maison Marou Chocolate Factory in Thao Dien

We had an amazing outing to end the term after reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ written by Raold Dahl. This outing was planned to enrich their experience of the book. They have thoroughly enjoyed designing their own sweets and applying for a job at the ‘Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and have been looking forward to seeing how chocolate is made. A visit to a real life chocolate manufacturer was therefore obligatory!

When we got to Marou we first learned about the history of the founding of Marou and found out which provinces in Vietnam the different types of cacao trees were from. We tasted some roasted cacao beans and then went to have a look at the different machines used in the process of making the chocolate. After the tour they tasted the different chocolates and were really excited about using their money to buy some of the delicious products on display. At the end of the outing, they were given a small cacao tree to take home and plant.
We loved the outing and were very interested to learn how the cacao bean is processed into the delicious bars of chocolate.