News from the IGS

21 May 2021

Englisch Epistemology – TOK / IB Programme

This week, the 11th graders gave their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) presentations before the school administration, numerous teachers, and students from grades 7-10 who were attentive guests at the Zoom meeting.
The TOK course is all about strengthening the learners’ critical thinking skills. In contrast to other subjects, the focus is not primarily on acquiring new knowledge, but rather questioning existing knowledge and thinking about the nature of knowledge.
The IB students’ presentations dealt with topics such as “Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?”, “What counts as good evidence for a claim?” And “How might the context in which knowledge is presented influence whether it is accepted or rejected?”
The lectures were of particular importance for grade 10, as they had the opportunity to gain initial insights into this interdisciplinary IB course, which they will also take from the next school year.