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3 Jul 2021

Dinosaurs in the Classroom!

At the end of the “Dinosaurs” learning unit, the Natural History Museum Berlin made it possible for our 2nd class to take a digitally guided tour of the museum. People asked, marveled and researched in the footsteps of the dinosaurs.In the central atrium of the museum, the students of the Pirate Class had the opportunity to view several fossils of animals and plants from the late Jurassic period.
The highlight was the Brachiosaurus which is an ancient, giant giraffe. At a height of 13.27 m, its bones are the largest dinosaur skeleton in the world. It is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
But the pirates also got to know other types of dinosaurs, such as the Stegosaurus and the Allosaurus, live on the computer screen.
The specimen of an ancient bird was particularly exciting. During the tour, the students also learned why the dinosaurs became extinct, who their descendants are and how one can become a paleontologist.
“That was the best excursion of the school year – and I didn’t even have to leave my nursery. I find herbivores like the brachiosaurus really exciting.”, Said Hai Thanh at the end of the tour.
Many thanks to the team at the Naturmuseum Berlin for this unforgettable excursion!