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Letzter Schultag vor den Weihnachtsferien an der IGS HCMC 2020
18 Dec 2020

Christmas concert on the last day of school

This year’s IGS Christmas program ended today. There was an Advent plate with special Advent goodies in all school classes this morning. Then everyone met in the forum for the Christmas Concert. After a brief opening by our school principal, the program started with the very little ones who sang two traditional German Christmas carols, one of which was even sung in Turkish.
The teachers’ choir sang some Christmas carols á cappella in several voices which led to enthusiastic applause from the young audience. The choir lessons of the last few weeks also paid off, which the two school choirs certainly proved.

After the concert, various activities followed, such as decorating cookies, pouring candles, painting wooden reindeer figures and finally the Christmas cinema with a real popcorn stand.

The highlight was of course the annual ice skating trip to the ice rink, where pupils and teachers gave each other support..

Ganz herzlichen Dank an die Organisatoren Frau Schaffer und Frau Mai, an die Verantwortlichen des Musikprogramms, Jonathan Armes und Douglas Vale sowie die vielen Kolleginnen und Klasse 11, welche den letzten Schultag organisierten.
Eine wunderbare Vorweihnachtszeit mit Weihnachtsfeiern aller Klassen geht damit zu Ende. Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihren Familien eine besinnliche Weihnachtszeit bzw. erholsame Ferien in dieser Saison.