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2018 World Robot Olympiad (WRO)
29 Nov 2018

2018 World Robot Olympiade (WRO)

International Final in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 16-18 November 2018

484 teams, comprising over 1,200 individuals, that have qualified in their national competition from 63 different countries participated across 4 categories. The teams demonstrate their ability to problem-solve and innovate using LEGO-based robots they have designed, built and programmed themselves.

Nguyen Huu Khang (Kevin) Grade 9 and Nguyen Duc Minh (Jack) Grade 5 from INTERNATIONAL GERMAN SCHOOL HO CHI MINH CITY are 2 of 3 members of Viet Robot B6-02 team. Winning the Champion prize in Vietnam WRO Robotacon in August 2018, the team participates in this event, competing in Football Category.

WRO Football is a fun and exciting game with teams of two autonomous robots playing football (soccer) to reflect the game of human soccer. The 2 autonomous robots chase an infra-red transmitting ball around a WRO size table top field with the aim to kick more goals than the opposition.

Viet Robot B6-02 played 7 matches and won 5 matches, entered Quarter final and ranked the 8th place amongst 56 teams all over the world.


2018 World Robot Olympiad (WRO)










2018 World Robot Olympiad (WRO)