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Chemistry? What exactly is chemistry?

Posted on08 Mar 2019
This question will be set to students in class 4. As in medieval alchemy, our students will also observe and experiment. Our students will learn that substances can exist in different states of aggregation. When can gas freeze? Is that possible? Based on the weekly project lesson, the students will carry out experiments on the 4 elements and prepare...
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Art with Jack Clayton, Lee Wessels & Ben Wayman

Posted on07 Mar 2019
Last week Klasse 7 were lucky to be visited by Jack Clayton; HCMC-based printmaker and illustrator for a short presentation and workshop. The students were able to present their own lino prints as well as learn and print alongside the artist himself. For more creative content we highly recommend the Spectrum group show taking place in Thao Dien this...
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Study of anatomy

Posted on06 Mar 2019
For students of medicine or biology, it is a particular challenge to recognize images of nerves and blood vessels which you have learned about when you see them in reality life. Clarity is one of the basic principles of science education at the IGS. The section Human Biology includes dissecting a pig’s heart. Because of its similarity to the...
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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Posted on05 Mar 2019
  between Goethe University Frankfurt and International German School HCMC (IGS) The purpose of the MOU is to intensify the cooperation between the two educational institutions in the area of ​​international teacher training. Following a pre-selection by the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education, IGS HCMC offers student teachers of Frankfurt University to participate in the trainee programme....
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