News from the IGS

16 Sep 2023

Internal Assessment (IA) Biology Class 12

The students in our 12th-grade IB Biology course are currently tasked with researching, designing, conducting, and writing their own research projects in the field of biology. This project is referred to as the “internal assessment” (IA). The students have three weeks to complete this work, which accounts for 20% of their overall IB Biology grade. After the internal assessment is evaluated by the subject teacher, the work will be externally moderated by the IBO.
There is a wide variety of possible investigations available to the students, including:

  • Laboratory work
  • Fieldwork
  • Using a spreadsheet for analysis and modeling
  • Extracting and analyzing data from a database
  • Using a computer simulation

This year, the 12th-grade students have chosen hands-on laboratory work. The topics range from testing the most effective duration of toothbrushing to studying the effects of rock music on seed germination.
We are looking forward to the results.