Online Registration

Registration form

You can download the registration for your child as a PDF file and then fill it out on the monitor
or simply and conveniently here online.

1. Childs' information



2.1 Information about the mother/guardian 1


2.2 Information about the father/guardian 2


2.3 Emergency contact




4. Documents

Please upload the attachments as PDF or JPG with a maximum file size up to 1MB per file.

4.1 Documents of your child


4.2 Parents / Guardians


5. Consent

1. We understand, accept, and support the school philosophy, rules, and regulations of IGS.
2. We accept that the submission of the enrollment form does not automatically entitle the child to a place in the school and that the school reserves the right to terminate the enrollment process if false statements have been made or the school is unable to provide funds for special care needs.
3. The parents/guardians agree that medical assistance may be provided in the event of an accident or the sudden onset of symptoms. The school can decide whether transport to a doctor's surgery or hospital needs to be arranged.
4. The guardians agree that their child may be photographed or filmed during school events or selected moments in the learning process and that these photographs may be used in publications of IGS (eg IGS’s homepage, newsletters, brochures, newspaper articles, annual bulletins, IGS Facebook pages, radio and television broadcasts). They may also be archived and used as aforementioned even after the child has left IGS.
5. Children may only be brought or picked up to/ from school by authorised persons. The school does not accept any responsibility for incidents occuring outside the school grounds (except for organised excursions) or in cases where school regulations are violated or failure to follow instructions from teachers are the cause of damage.
6. IGS and its employees accept no liability for lost or damaged property of the Students. The parents/ guardians agree that their child may participate in all school activities, including sports, swimming, after-school activities, festivals and celebrations and excursions. Excursions and after-school activities may incur additional costs.
7. In the event of any change in the information provided herein, the parents/ guardians are obliged to inform the school office immediately.


6. Registration

Hereby we register our child at the International German School HCMC.