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Elternabende der Klassen 2-10
20 Sep 2019

Parents’ evenings

In the fourth week of school, the parent evenings of classes 2-10 took place, punctually. The number of participants ranged from 3-15 parents.
As in the U6 area, parental representatives were also elected on the parents’ evenings, serving as contact persons in the classes and, if necessary, organizing necessary support during events or excursions.
We congratulate the elected representatives and thank you for your willingness to support us. Class 1 will soon have the opportunity to elect their representatives.
We will invite the election of the parent council chairman and the election of school board representatives soon.

Frau Thị Vân Trần

Kindergarten 1:
Herr Felice Iacobellis

Kindergarten 2:
Herr Daniel Meth

Frau Thị Thùy Dương Trần

Klasse 1:

 Klasse 2:
Frau Issariya Hauschild
Frau Hoàng Hướng Dương Nguyễn

Klasse 3:
Frau Joyce Ong Yu Wen
Herr  Nicholas Eyrich

Klasse 4:
Herr Ewald Andreas Hauschild

Klasse 5:
Frau Melanie Kamp
Herr Michael Mayerhofer

Klasse 6:
Frau Thị Vân Anh Trần
Herr Carlos AnTonio Dos Santos Pereira Ribeiro

Klasse 7:
Herr Gia Bảo Nguyễn
Frau Thị Bích Thủy Trần

Klasse 8:
Frau Maria Fatima Hernandez De Mata
Frau Thị Đức Lễ Lương

Klasse 9:
Frau Tina Suhr
Herr Thorsten Janke

Klasse 10:
Frau Thị Vân Hạnh Đỗ
Frau Elisabeth Maria Pauker