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IB World School authorization – Congratulations!

Posted on27 Mar 2020

Dear friends of the IGS,

There has been little good news in the past few weeks. However, regardless of the challenging times, there has been some for the IGS community today – a good reason to celebrate.
On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 1:55 p.m. the International German School HCMC (IGS) received the authorization letter from the IB.

The International German School HCMC (IGS) is thus officially the 14th  IB World School in Vietnam and from the school year 2020/2021 onwards will be offering the IB diploma program in German/ English for our students.
This is the successful completion of a process that has been in preparation over four years. We thank all the teachers, especially the IB team, our parents, the students involved, our other students and the SBH for their support during this process.
Our special thanks go to our IB coordinator, Ms. Barnickel. With her systematic, very thorough work, she has carefully and successfully prepared the IGS for one of the greatest milestones in the history of the school.
The IB representatives especially appreciated that the entire school community, a broad spectrum of people consisting of students, parents, teachers, the school board and the administration, showed understanding and commitment to the diploma program.
We are particularly proud that the IBO certified the IGS with no provisions – “no matters to be addressed”.
We look forward to starting this demanding program together with our students.
Stay healthy and enjoy this great success together with us in this difficult time.

Dirk Thormann
Head of School

Dear Friends of the IGS,

Posted on22 Mar 2020

The children are at home! Not two days, not two weeks, but now for more than two months. U6 parents experience everyday life as a challenge without break. There is little space in the family for travel plans and family harmony. Primary school parents are forced to get familiar with some of the didactic depths of primary school pedagogy. Most of you have never envisaged doing one thing: teaching!

For many expats, the world seemed secure as long as they had the promise of seeking refuge in their home country. A look at Germany now shows that the old frames of reference no longer seem quite as unassailable as before; the ground under our feet has moved a little. Most of us only know of major natural disasters, revolutions, wars and flight or similar life-changing experiences from history books, newspapers or from our grandparents’ stories.

For many of us, the current situation is new: the coordinates have to be re-evaluated – globally and personally. There is no textbook for this: you re-adjust from day to day.  Crises sharpen our eyes for the essentials. Pragmatic solutions are also in demand in Germany. The natural love of the Kafkaesque of some authorities is being put under test. Some have even forgotten the gender * asterisk in their texts. Statements are measured against reality, the theatre of populism has been temporarily abandoned.

The politics of affects is substituted by the concrete measure. Health care, digitalisation, education, infrastructure, (data) security, media, the question of the ability to act in a western democracy or federalism are the focus of a new era. The world after September 11th was no longer the same. It remains to be seen to what extent Covid-19 will have a similarly sustainable effect.

Considering reports of the reaction to this crisis from Europe, the Vietnamese approach of the past few weeks appears to be relatively systematic and consistent. Fast decision-making and a synchronised implementation of policy has saved lives. No new local infections are reported from China.

In these times, we as a school want to be a reliable frame of reference, perhaps a piece of home for you and your families. We are aware of the responsibility for your children in this regard and thank you for your effective cooperation. With online classes, we are able to meet the basic requirements of the curriculum and issue certificates at the end of the school year.

In addition to newsletters and videos, we have offered craft packages for the children any online contact hours in the U6. Seesaw is now available for kindergarten and preschool. ( Mr. Hübscher will start a small online literature circle for class 3 from now on. Further offers are planned. The art department has announced a competition in order to find a suitable logo for the library. The online catalogue of the primary library is nearly finished. Secondary school students have already been granted access to the catalogue.

Since last week, Mr. Toan has been creating educational videos in the subject of Vietnamese (Cl. 9). The videos are public. We want to make a contribution to students at national schools who may want to make use of this offer.

We are trying to identify opportunities/ chances to make contributions to our students and to the society at large during this time.

I wish you and your families a pleasant weekend.


Stay healthy,

Yours Dirk Thormann

->Student Song:  each student contributed from home.

Comic Project

Posted on13 Mar 2020

Teaching art online can be quite the challenge, although one that klasse 4 and 5 are responding to with great results! We’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the fantastic work coming out of their cartoon projects, where students are studying how to capture comic-book-style ‘moments’ through the focusing on how we portray sounds and characters. Keep up the good work everyone!

School is closed but lessons continue

Posted on14 Feb 2020

igs_online watch video

It is Sunday, 7:10 p.m. What was already circulating on the social networks was confirmed in an e-mail: In order to avoid the spread of the new Corona virus, the schools in HCMC would initially be closed for one week, according to the order of the Education and Training Authority.
Preventive measures for infection protection had been initiated during the Vietnamese New Year holidays: temperature measurement with infrared thermometers, hand disinfection before entering school, masks for pupils and teachers were among them.
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1
On Monday at 9:30 a.m. teachers met for a crisis meeting on the IGS campus. It quickly became clear that the lessons could take place online. In addition to a crisis team for organizational questions, the school management presented members of the Online Education Task Force at the meeting.
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1
The virtual classrooms already established in regular lessons were equipped by the teachers with self-made teaching videos, specialised instructions and tailor-made materials.Timetables were modified. The school’s EdTech representative conducted a short tutorial on using video conferencing.
Within one school day, the teachers switched their lesson plans to igs_online.
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1  Online school because of Corona Virus week 1
While from the 7th grade onwards the lessons largely followed the regular timetable, more extensive adjustments were necessary in grades 1-6. The ICT lessons take place at IGS only from class 3, which is why the online lessons in the lower grades had to be prepared differently in terms of method and relied heavily on the support of parents or siblings at home.
What does an online workplace look like at home? A quiet work place, a stable internet connection, notebooks or computers – no cell phone and a comfortable chair at the right height – those were the instructions given by the school to the families at home.
On Tuesday it was finally time! With a click on the first lesson in the online timetable, the secondary school students were taken to the virtual classroom of their class teacher. One student confessed that he could hardly sleep the night before with excitement.
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1 Online school because of Corona Virus week 1
While the pupils in the secondary school experienced the lessons in the form of conference calls, the elementary school pupils were given more tasks and explanatory videos that were created by the teachers and teaching assistants for the respective hours. It was now the responsibility of the parents to photograph and return the tasks they had completed. In class 2, communication took place directly via the Seesaw platform.
As on the school campus, secondary school students moved from classroom to classroom. The next classroom was a click away, so to speak. So there were no long walks. As usual, attendance and the content of the lessons was recorded in the electronic class register.
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1
A help desk was available in each classroom for technical support. Via the help desk, students and teachers were able to ask questions at any time of one of the school’s edTech managers. The technical support service was available for questions about the Internet connection or hardware challenges.
The feedback after the first day of online school was surprisingly positive. Some pupils, who were otherwise rather reserved in class, suddenly appeared active; some students who sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on working in regular classes were extremely focused in online classes.
Lucy writes: It is sad without friends. Karel says: Online classes were much more demanding than class at school. Bin thought it was great that you could sleep longer and order your favorite food. Some students wrote that it was a shame not to be able to talk as much and that there were fewer opportunities to move.
What didn’t work? Minh wrote: “The class couldn’t laugh and joke together that often because the teachers listened to everything.”
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1
Methodological challenges quickly became clear. Some teachers report that their students “clicked” them out of the classroom. The students’ microphones had to be turned off when entering the virtual classroom to avoid background noise.
Of course, typical language phrases from the classroom didn’t work online either. Who hasn’t done their homework? Several students answered “I” to this question. It was not possible to determine which of these students was online without the chat function.
That prompts the question: how do you raise your hand if you don’t understand something on an online classroom? The answer came quickly in the online lesson with 18 participants to give their answers.
Classrooms are usually protected spaces in which parents and strangers have no entry. In the online classroom, however, parents and siblings, and even pets, are ever present to disturb the learning process. Of course, the children’s bedroom at home is also a temptation to switch on comfortably from the bed or to focus more on the haircut than the teaching material.
Pupils started falling out in the second week. We learned from the feedback that the screen times sometimes caused headaches and eye pain, especially if the children still used their mobile phones after their online school day was over and spent additional time online.
With a tactical change of methodology, i.e. phasing in work periods without a screen and prescribing exercises in the virtual sports lessons, we attempted to make the lessons more balanced between screen time and time away from screens.
Online school because of Corona Virus week 1  

Finally it can be stated:

1. Without the competencies in using EdTech applications that are available to students and teachers from everyday school life, it would not have been possible to switch to online teaching in this form.

2. Online instruction requires a methodical approach that differs from traditional instruction.

3. Some students showed a greater concentration during online lessons and participated more actively in the classroom.

4. In classes with a larger number of students, it was more difficult to ensure suitable forms of online interaction.

4. Reliable technical requirements and immediate technical support are essential for the implementation of online teaching.

We thank the school community for the support given us during the crisis. Minh wrote to his teacher: “I miss my friends.” I can assure you that the exchange between teachers and children, and the daily bustle of life on campus was sorely missed during this time.

With this in mind, we look forward to starting school again in two weeks time. We will keep you informed. U6 parents are going to receive further information next week.

Stay healthy


Dirk Thormann

Tet Celebration

Posted on24 Jan 2020

->Press in Vietnamese

The time has come: we say goodbye to the Year of the Pig and welcome in the Year of the Rat. Incidentally, this is the first sign of the zodiac sign (followed by: buffalo, tiger, cat (in Chinese: hare), dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig). With the traditional New Year’s songs: “Xúc Xác, Xúc Xẻ” and “Tết Tết Tết Tết đến rồii”, the students in grades 1-6 sang in the most important time of the year for the Vietnamese people.But what is a festival without food? In the play “The Story of Watermelon”, staged by grade 6 and Leonard from grade 4, the discovery of the refreshingly sweet fruit is told and how it became a cultural tet-snack. With “Shape of You”, an instrumental piece played on boomwhackers, grades 7 and 8 ensured enthusiasm and a good mood. The highlight of the annual IGS Tet celebration was the lion dance: with acrobatic talent and loud, rhythmic drums, not only children, but parents and teachers were amazed, and of course, the evil spirits were driven away too.

The IGS wishes everyone a happy new year full of happiness, health and success.

Trường Quốc Tế Đức chúc gia đình tất cả học sinh năm mới vui vẻ, hạnh phúc, may mắn và thành công.

Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC
Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC Tet Feier 2020 IGS HCMC

Certificate ceremony & bicycle party

Posted on24 Jan 2020

The celebration of the half-year certificates also coincided with the Vietnamese New Year. Shortly before the turn of the year, it is common to express good wishes, advice or thanks. This year, our teachers also followed this tradition. In the school history in class one about 5 months ago there was talk of a little pirate captain who found a huge library while in search of a pirate treasure. Like the little captain, our pirate class has learned to read. Reading is an essential key to the world of knowledge, a teacher once emphasised. In contrast to film, when reading it is necessary to imagine people, clothing, voices and movement: while reading, everyone creates their own film, in a way.

Another IGS teacher emphasized the importance of scientific thinking for orientation, especially in a time of fake news and information overload. Checking statements for their truthfulness and coming to conclusions in the process of finding the truth, which sometimes contradict one’s own expectations or contradict the general social consensus, are the basis for science.

The speech also recognized the ecological contribution of our older pupils who come to school by bike or on foot. Our headmaster made them the offer to organize a bicycle party on campus, on condition that guests come to school by bike.

Zeugnisfeier IGS HCMC 2020

Tết Tết Tết Tết đến rồi!

Posted on24 Jan 2020

Today was a very special day for the U6 area of ​​the IGS HCMC!

After learning a lot about the Vietnamese New Year Tết and its origins, we had a lot of fun watching an exciting lion dance today! Then we all got together to celebrate with our families over traditional Vietnamese dishes and to make Lì xì. What fun.

We wish everyone a happy new year of the rat!

U6 Tet Feier an der IGS HCMC U6 Tet Feier an der IGS HCMC U6 Tet Feier an der IGS HCMC

Abrakadabra, simsalabim!

Posted on23 Jan 2020

Magic tricks astonish, fascinate and surprise. The students in the study group “DaM 5/6” (German as mother tongue in grade 5/6) have learned with everyone in the past few weeks that magic tricks can also be the subject of a successful process description. They worked out one, structuring the process, describing it in a detailed manner, found a suitable heading that formulated the right salutation and, of course, performed lots of magic tricks. The idea of a magic show for our godfather class, the pirates, was quickly put into practice andour tricks amazed and delighted the children and teachers of class 1 today!
Zaubertricks in Klasse 1 Zaubertricks in Klasse 1 Zaubertricks in Klasse 1

Geography field trip

Posted on22 Jan 2020

After a theoretical lesson about ‚Globalistation’ and ‚Production’ in classes 7 and 9, our students had the opportunity to visit a outdoor factory last Friday in HCMC. They interacted and explored first-hand with the guide on how a production chain works. At the end of our tour in the factory, the students were able to fundamentaly understand production and distribution measures.

Exkursion in Erdkunde Exkursion in Erdkunde

Crafting of the preschool / elementary school

Posted on22 Jan 2020

In line with the traditional Têt Festival, which bridges the gap between the old and the new year, the joint handicraft project of our preschool and 1st class was held this week. Linking the new with the old and growing gently as a new community was a complete success and lets us start a new year with confidence and being aware of anticipation. We are very proud of the beautiful material and immanent fruits of this handicraft project.

Bastelaktion der Vorschule/ Grundschule Bastelaktion der Vorschule/ Grundschule

Lego Day

Posted on17 Jan 2020

Ideas arise in the mind; but to implement the mind’s creative thoughts you need tools. One of these tools is LEGO. Therefore, IGS has invited David Drake, founder of Creation Station, to show his kids his LEGO world. In addition to an exhibition of great models, classes 4-10 also have the opportunity to live out their creativity at small LEGO workshops. This event is designed to give our students a taste of what to expect in a weekly LEGO activity. The start of the activity will be on Friday, February 14th. You will receive more information and registration forms after the holidays.

Lego Tag an der IGS-HCMC Lego Tag an der IGS-HCMC Lego Tag an der IGS-HCMC Lego Tag an der IGS-HCMC


new Vietnamese reading books

Posted on17 Jan 2020
Our library is super excited to be expanding our Vietnamese language collection. With stories, poems and classic tales from renowned Vietnamese authors the students
are already showing great excitement with their new treasure!

Coffee with us

Posted on17 Jan 2020

For the fifth time this academic year, the event Coffee with Us took place on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020. On these occasions, various sections of the IGS invite parents for thematic conversations between parents and teachers in an informal setting.
After the U6 section started the year off, and the elementary school and secondary school then presented their topics for informal discussions, the IB coordinator, Ms. Barnickel next invited parents to an informative discussion.
In the shade of the trees in front of Villa E, we met up for coffee and cookies to learn about the special features of the IB diploma programme. The diploma programme comprises grades 11 and 12 and, after successful completion, leads to the awarding of the IB Diploma, an internationally recognized university entrance qualification awarded by the Geneva-based, non-profit International Baccalaureate Organization.
Topics that particularly interested the parents present were the IB philosophy, the optimal preparation for universities through the IB Core Programme, as well as the choice of subjects, and the recognition of the degree in Germany, but also in other countries. It was exciting to learn that the diploma programme focuses on the individual learners and that the course selection reflects the future career aspirations of the students. The IB’s strength was also noted in adapting to local conditions and in meeting the needs of the school community.
Many thanks to all parents who contributed to a lively exchange with their specific questions.
The IGS intends to introduce the IB diploma programme from the 2020/21 school year.

New tree house

Posted on15 Jan 2020

After extensive renovation work, our tree house shines in new splendor, and we can play and rest on it to our hearts’ content.
The world looks very different from up here. Completely different games are possible here and new fantasy worlds are opened. Children love this climbing opportunity.
Thank you for the rebuild!

Preparations for the TET festival

Posted on11 Jan 2020

Klasse 4 and the AG ‘Eco Class’ are working hard on their paper-mache rodents for this years TET festival. With a bit of luck you should be able to spot a whole swarm of mice and rats as they chase watermelons and lucky money (created by AG group ’45’ ) in this years display. Good luck everyone!
Preparations for the Tet festival
Klasse 6 have been working hard on the development of the script for the TET play. This year the play portrays the story of Mai An Tiem, the foolish king, Vua Hung, and the first watermelons.
The scriptwriters are Ha Mi and Michelle.
Preparations for the Tet festival
Since TET is such a traditional time, the music is often the same as last year. This year we’re singing TET Que Em and Xuc Xac, Xuc Xe. We’re collaborating with the xylophone group on a secret Spring song and hoping for a lovely TET solo by one of our singers. Watch this space.

Ice skating

Posted on14 Dec 2019

When we think about winter in Germany, Christmas markets, baking cookies, cozy evenings at the fireside, darkness, as well as frostiness and ice come to mind. Grades 2 to 7 encountered some of these on Friday, 13 December, during the yearly ice skating outing.Wrapped in warm clothes, the children went in two groups onto the ice. Those who were experienced ventured out immediately and went alone or in small groups onto the ice. All the others slowly learned how to ice skate with the help of a “penguin”.
The children as well as the teachers had a lot of fun and it was a very nice conclusion to a long, hard school term.

Schlittschuhlaufen Schlittschuhlaufen Schlittschuhlaufen Schlittschuhlaufen Schlittschuhlaufen SchlittschuhlaufenSchlittschuhlaufenSchlittschuhlaufen

Christmas at the Primary

Posted on14 Dec 2019

We had our very own ‘Christmas Day’ at the IGS where the primary school pupils prepared for the Christmas holidays. Under the guidance of our interns, there were baking stations in the Christmas bakery, where the children discovered many fun baking items. They kneaded, rolled, cut out and of course decorated the cookies! The ‘Christmas Day’ ended off in the last hour with the pupils in the 3rd class reading fairy tales and Christmas stories with Christmas cheer. 


Classes 5-7 visiting the Mekong Delta

Posted on14 Dec 2019

For classes 5 to 7, a lot is on the agenda on the second day of their exploration. They became discoverers and observers. First, the students visit the floating markets and are given insights into social life on and along the Mekong River. They find out how stuff is made, such as rice paper, coconut candy, rice waffles and pasta.
Then there are observations of the flora and fauna on the land, on and at the river. The pupils solve various tasks during a treasure hunt. Pupils also calculate the volume of the pool’s water. They leave with happy memories of an adventurous trip to the Mekong Delta. Everything is super exciting!

mekong-tour-tag-2  mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2   mekong-tour-tag-2  mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2  mekong-tour-tag-2  mekong-tour-tag-2 mekong-tour-tag-2

mekong-tour-tag-3 mekong-tour-tag-3


mekong-tour-tag-3 mekong-tour-tag-3


Das Mekong Delta

Ach wie schön ist das Mekong Delta,
Über die Nacht wird es viel viel kälter.

Im Mekong ist die Natur überall,
und einige Häuser stehen kurz vor dem Zerfall.

Der schwimmende Markt ist auf dem Fluss,
sie verkaufen Fisch, Gemüse und Kokosnuss.

Die Augen am Boot,
helfen den Kapitänen in der Not.

Auf dem Mekong hast du eine schöne Sicht,

ihn zu besuchen ist deine Pflicht.

(Lasse, Viet and Jack class 6)







IGS Research Vessel Day 3 and 4

Posted on12 Dec 2019

The provincial town of Sa Dec and its river port were visited in the morning. The students also received information about the Cao Dai temple. Back on the ship it was more about water analysis, questions of climate change, kinematics and dynamics. The ship anchored on the third day in Cai Be, where the evening ended with its own school band on board.
The last excursion after breakfast was a boat trip in Cai Be.

Cinematic impressions day 3

IGS Research Vessel Day 2

Posted on12 Dec 2019

After sunrise and breakfast on the river, the island of Ong Ho was explored. Today was about physical aspects of movement. Local water markets and their peculiarities were observed on several tours in our small dinghies. The islandof birth of the second President of the Vietnamese Republic was explored on bicycles. In addition, the students switched from the lower to the upper arm of the Mekong with the research ship. What this has to do with the movement ofthe ship and why it floats was examined in the subsequent physics workshop. The day was then closed by the in-house student ship band.

IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2  IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2  IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2  IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2 IGS Forschungsschiff Mekong Tag 2

Cinematic impressions

IGS research vessel and excursion to the Mekong Delta

Posted on11 Dec 2019

To protect our environment, one must understand the interdependence between climate, soil, water, man and nature.
Alexander von Humboldt is one of the most important German naturalists of his time. This year he would have celebrated his 250th birthday. With Humboldt as our role model, we have embarked on our own journey in discovering nature.Our students will be in the Mekong for several days, with the IGS research vessel.

The trip is commencing with the support of the German and Swiss consulates general in HCMC, and was organized together with the tour operator TerraVerde.
On board are the grade 8-10 students (who are from 4 different nations) as well as the teachers, who are specialists in the fields of biology, physics, history, and music.

Humboldt’s spirit marked the first day of the IGS research ship. After class 8 gave the others a brief glimpse into the life of the great explorer, a heated discussion ensued about the fusion of research and business. In his travel report, Milan (class 10) deals with the question of how Humboldt’s motives differed from those of other “discoverers”, such as Marco Polo or Columbus, and how the spirit of the Enlightenment furthers the views of the naturalist Humboldt affected.

In the Age of Enlightenment, it was about questioning doctrines and finding scientific answers. To make observations, to form an opinion without bias, is also the goal of this journey.

IGS-Forschungsschiff ins Mekong-Delta

Exkursion ins Mekong-Delta IGS-HCMC

IGS-Forschungsschiff ins Mekong-Delta

The own research gene could then be tested in the afternoon by visiting a local coconut plantation and the  workshops prepared for biology and physics.

After the captain dropped anchor at sunset, the day ended with star observations.

The International German School HCMC (IGS) is a German school with a bilingual (German-English) program. Children from 18 nations learn at our school.

Multilingualism and the promotion of scientific thinking, is an important focus for our international school.Many of our students who have acquired German in the lateral entrance program at IGS, are looking forward to studying further in Germany.

Who knows, maybe some of them will one day, as researchers, contribute to the effective protection of our environment.

IGS-Forschungsschiff ins Mekong-Delta

IGS-Forschungsschiff ins Mekong-Delta

IGS-Forschungsschiff ins Mekong-Delta

Exkursion ins Mekong-Delta IGS-HCMC
Impressions by Ole Suhr

Sport isn’t only for boys – it’s for everyone!

Posted on10 Dec 2019

On December 9 our year 6 to 8 girls took part in an exclusive football session. As a part of a school project, their coach Su Bin Lee, a student from the EISHCMC, wants to raise awareness of gender inequality in sports and give girls the opportunity to enjoy empowering sportive experiences.
The session was a big success. Our girls gave Birgit Prinz a run for her money. They were dribbling, playing and – possibly most importantly – had fun together. In an environment that was not, as it often is, dominated by boys they were able to find and unfold their potential proving that girls can enjoy football as much as boys can. We want to say thank you to Su Bin Lee for this great opportunity and we are very proud that our girls open-mindedly took part in this session and gave their all.

Mädchenfussball an der IGS HCMC

Mädchenfussball an der IGS HCMC

Mädchenfussball an der IGS HCMC

Christmas market at the International German School HCMC (IGS) in Vietnam

Posted on09 Dec 2019

Interview with Head of School of the IGS


Press in Vietnamese

Mr. Thormann, can you tell us more about the Christmas market at your school? What’s new compared to last year?
The IGS Christmas market is a traditional German Christmas market. It’s about preserving traditions and giving students the opportunity to experience an atmosphere that later becomes the childhood memories they will have, and that we all share. So, while there are new songs in the children’s program, the school band will play and some new standards, but the overall ensemble will remain. This year there is also a glassblower, there is a carousel, cotton candy, sausages with mustard from Bautzen, Christmas duck, cookies and much more. Kathrin Schmidt, the organiser of the Christmas market, together with the preparation team, has created a great atmosphere here.

The Christmas market of the German School is now so well-known in Ho Chi Minh City that people from all city districts, sometimes even from abroad, arrive. Were the students involved in the preparations?
The students are involved at all levels: they baked cookies. The music program together with Ruben Viertel, Douglas Vale and Matthias Mayer practiced and also organized some booths. They rotate as a contact for the approximately 2000 guests visiting this year. All of the school’s teachers and property management team have been were busy preparing for days and weeks. The parents of our school have also organized a great stand with candied almonds.

What brings a German school in Vietnam to organize for the fifth time now a Christmas market on this beautiful villa campus?
We want to be part of the Vietnamese community and make a cultural contribution. Every year many guests visit our Christmas market with their children and enjoy this contribution by the German School in Vietnam. For others, the Christmas market represents a piece of home in foreign climes. Of course, the Christmas market is also part of our culture. Where else do our children experience an authentic Christmas market?

How do you see the development of the IGS in recent years?
The IGS is a German school with a bilingual program. Students from 18 nations study with us. Many of them came to us as newcomers without any knowledge of German and are studying German here or have studied in Germany before. The number of students has risen very steadily in recent years. Against the background of Vietnam’s dynamic development, the location is becoming increasingly important.

We would like to thank the over 2000 guests at the IGS Christmas market. With your visit, you have contributed to this Christmas atmosphere.

We wish you, your families and the IGS team a peaceful Christmas time.

Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 IGS-HCMC


Posted on06 Dec 2019

Warum stellen wir am Nikolaus eigentlich unsere Schuhe raus? Wer war nochmal der Nikolaus? Wieso feiern wir Nikolaus überhaupt?
All diese Fragen und noch mehr konnten unsere Kinder im Kindergarten und in der Vorschule, sowie unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klassen 1-4 am Freitag stellen, denn wer die Augen offen gehalten hat, konnte einen ganz besonderen Gast auf dem Schulgelände der IGS entdecken.
Beim persönlichen Besuch lernten die Kinder den Nikolaus von Myra kennen, erfuhren von der Geschichte vom Nikolaus und den drei armen Töchtern, die eines morgens Gold in ihren Schuhen fanden. Außerdem sprachen sie über die Bedeutung des Teilens, denn das Nikolausfest dreht sich nicht nur um Süßigkeiten…
… Fehlen durften diese natürlich aber trotzdem nicht.

Nikolaus 2019 IGS HCMC

Nikolaus 2019 IGS HCMC

Nikolaus 2019 IGS HCMC

Nikolaus 2019 IGS HCMC

Nikolaus 2019 IGS HCMC

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Posted on06 Dec 2019

“Alles Tinte“ is the theme of the International Junior Science Olympics 2020. Grade 5 – 7 were given the opportunity to participate in this event. At five different and interdisciplinary stations, students were able to explore the natural sciences by themselves. With fun and educational activities like that, IGS helps in forming curious minds in our kids.

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Junior Science Olympiade 2020

Ice Castles

Posted on06 Dec 2019

In keeping with the winter season, preschool children built an ice castle with ice cubes. What is the secret ingredient that sticks the ice cubes together?

Eisschlösser bauen IGS HCMC

Building Ice castles

Eisschlösser bauen IGS HCMC

Building Ice castles


Goal! Soccer Training for Girls

Posted on29 Nov 2019
Sport isn’t only for boys – it’s for everyone! On December 9, in period 5, a football session for our girls from year 6-8 will be held to explore this point. They will be coached by Su Bin Lee, a student from the EISHCMC. The session is part of her personal project to raise awareness of gender inequality in sports. Our students are very happy to participate in this session – maybe the next Birgit Prinz is among them.