News from the IGS

30 Oct 2021

Halloween in U6

It’s that time of the year again – the week of witches, ghosts and vampires has begun. The researchers and discoverers couldn’t get out of the horror either. We celebrated Halloween with the children with many gruesome activities.
The Fearless and Daring Explorers proudly presented their Halloween costumes, made ghostly masks, immersed themselves in the world of the children’s book The Little Witch, and became successful ghost hunters through a spooky memory game.

And also for the Clever and Resourceful Researchers, Halloween week was a great opportunity to slip into their costumes and provide a proper scare. Ghosts, witches, gruesome songs, even hollowed-out pumpkins with carved scary faces and homemade bats: this week spookiness knew no bounds. In order to get to the bottom of the horror, the Clever and Resourceful Researchers even traveled to America and dared to visit a famous Halloween house.