News from the IGS

28 Mar 2019

Guest lecture Prof. Peter Vale, University of Johannesburg

Industry 4.0 is a buzzword that employed by many branches of industry and the people behind them. We know revolutions from history books. Sometimes, decades of long periods of time become conflated into single chapters and we lose sight of important details.
How can we adequately prepare pupils for changed working and living environments?
What values form social consensus and what do they result from? How do algorithms and comprehensive networking change our understanding of “truth”?
Questions like these were addressed in the lecture of Prof. Peter Vale and the following discussion turned into a livery debate. It was the first event of this kind at the IGS.
Parents, guests, representatives of the VGU, teachers and pupils of the older grades were among the listeners of this well attended event, which took place from 18:30 – 20:00 on the campus of the IGS.
Afterwards there was an opportunity to talk to the speaker and have some tea.