News from the IGS

10 Feb 2022

remote learning assistant

Dear students, dear parents,
My name is Luca Otten. I’m 23 years old and I’m studying to become a high school teacher at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, specializing in mathematics, physical education and physics.
In the last three months I was able to get to know the German School in Ho Chi Minh City better as part of a digital school assistance. Parallel to my “normal studies”, the online lessons enabled me to sit in on mathematics lessons with Mr. Kehm and Mr. Reisdorf in both the twelfth and tenth grades and to support the two teachers. In addition, I was able to gain my first teaching experience in a weekly practice session and thus gain interesting insights into learning and teaching at the German School in Ho Chi Minh City.
I would like to thank all the students I have met in the past few weeks, and especially Mr. Kehm, Mr. Reisdorf and Mr. Foxius, who welcomed me very kindly and made many exciting experiences “in Vietnam” possible for me! I also found it particularly interesting to work out cultural and school differences between Vietnam and Germany, which was mainly done in joint zoom calls with Mr. Foxius.
All in all, the internship was a great experience “from Germany” and I’m looking forward to being able to visit the German school in Ho Chi Minh City “in person”.