News from the IGS

31 Jul 2021

Dear parents, dear friends of IGS

The International German School HCMC (IGS) has developed from a primary school to a recognized German school abroad with middle and upper grades during the past years.
This development was accompanied by a quadrupling of the number of students, the achievement of economic stability and an expansion of the campus.

Multilingualism, early learning in the natural sciences, side entry programs, digital transformation and the promotion of creativity have been just a few of the focal points of the profile in recent years.
The development priorities have also included the revision of the school concept, curricula, the standardization of assessment policies, the introduction of research and debate lessons, library classes
and method units in elementary school or Vietnamese as a foreign language.

In 2018 the IGS received official approval to carry out the first exams for the German Language Diploma of the Conference of Ministers of Education in southern Vietnam. In 2020, the IGS was authorized as an IB World School and was given the right to conduct DSD II exams.
School events such as the German Christmas Market, the research ship on the Mekong, concerts, exhibitions, lecture series, competitions and appearances have helped shape the image of the German community in Vietnam.
With the conclusion of an agreement between the IGS and the AA, the official placement of a school principal from Germany has been finalised.

I am pleased that the Central Office for Schools Abroad has succeeded in appointing Georg Michael Schopp, an experienced headmaster for the position at the IGS,
who has taken over responsibility for the IGS from 1st August 2021.

In particular, I would like to thank you, dear parents and parters of IGS, for your support and mutual success in recent years.
My special thanks go to the management team, especially Heide Schaffer, for the continuous support and expertise on this path.

For the coming school year, I wish the IGS a solid start, in which the diversity of the IGS profile can again be experienced on campus.

Dirk Thormann