News from the IGS

17 Feb 2022

Campus opening “Back to school at last!”

It was this exclamation that four second graders shouted as they ran past my office back to their campus and to their class. Everyone should hear it. “Back to school at last!” They expressed their joy at finally being able to go back after 9 long months (since May 10, 2021) to their friends, to their teachers, to their general studies or German lessons, to the school breaks. As much as children look forward to the holidays, they miss their school terribly when they are not allowed to go.
February 14th became a very special Valentine’s Day for our families this year. Finally, the “little ones” were allowed to go back to school: one or two little tears in kindergarten turned quickly to excitement. Many parents told me how relieved and happy they were that morning. We hope that we can experience the next few weeks with as little disruption as possible. Because of course we are aware that the pandemic is not over yet.

Michael Schopp